Islamic Society of Corona-Norco Nikah Requirements

  1. Marriage certificate from the county must be obtained before the Nikah services can be performed.

  2. Must attend premarital counseling with the Imam to discuss legalities of Nikah before it happens ( mehr, marriage counseling, all wali and guardians present, approval of parents).

  3. Must provide a copy of valid photo ID (driver's license or passport).

  4. One wali (guardian) for the bride and two witnesses must be present.

  5. Service fee for Nikah is $200.00 payable to the Imam.

  6. Both parties must be physically present in the masjid at the time of Nikah.

  7. If both parities are not present at the scheduled time, the Imam will NOT wait for more than 15 minute and will leave.

  8. An appointment must be made for both counseling and the marriage ceremony (please inform the Imam 3-4 weeks in advance and set up appointment).

Please click the link below to download the ISCN marriage rules form:

ISCN Marriage Rules