Corona Muslims Mommy &Me

Join us on our new day and time:

Tuesdays @ 11:00am. - 1:00pm at ISCN*

Objectives: A learning based group for toddlers that offer a wide range of activities and learning skills. In addition to secular education we will be providing an Islamic education and upbringing.  Mothers/caregivers play a central part in that they are involved in these activities with their children. Age range is from 0-3 yrs.
Our goal for this playgroup is to allow each child to…

Have access to a huge variety of activities.

Discover their own special talents and best ways to learn.

Feel valued for who they are.

Have the guidance and the freedom to learn in meaningful ways.

Develop critical thinking and problem solving.



Circle Time: At the beginning of class moms and children will form a circle and we will discuss…

Greeting and Du’as

Surah Fatiha

Arabic Alphabet

“Hot Topics” (Parenting Tips and discussion)

Learning Skills:




Writing concepts

Story Time: Books relating to the weeks lesson will be read out loud to the children.

Arts & Crafts: Each child will be able to make his or her own crafts related to the topic of the week.

Colors, shapes.

Alphabets, numbers

Days of the week, months.

Five Pillars of Islam

Lunch /Snack Time: Every week, moms will sign up for providing a healthy well balanced meal for the children.

Main Dish (pasta, pizza, Mac& Cheese,meat, rice, etc…)

Fruit or Vegetable


Nasheed/Song and Excercise:

Popular children’s Nasheed’s and nursery rhymes will be sung out loud in a group.

Child will learn the importance of physical activity by engaging in various exercises.

Every Month we will also have a field trip.


*Please check the ISCN Mommy & Me calendar to see the topic we are covering, who is bringing lunch and/or if we will meet at the Masjid or on location at a field trip!


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