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Administrative Assistant
Office: 951-736-8155
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Board of Trustees

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Name Position Phone Email
Gholam Mustafa Member 951-523-0264 gholam.mustafa@coronamuslims.com
Kalim Farooki Chairman 951-523-7940 Chair-BOT@coronamuslims.com
Muhammad Ashraf Member 951-523-0262 mohammad.ashraf@coronamuslims.com
Shoukat Shafi Member 951-523-0261 shoukat.shafi@coronamuslims.com
Ziad Jalanbo Member 951-523-7940 ziad.jalanbo@coronamuslims.com

Board of Directors

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Name Position Responsibility Phone Email
Abdul Ghani Moulvi Treasurer Finance 951-523-7662 treasurer@coronamuslims.com
Abdul Muttasif Muhammad Member Information Technology, Religious Affairs 951-523-7683 it@coronamuslims.com,rac@coronamuslims.com
Adil Shahzad Secretary Membership 951-523-7658 secretary@coronamuslims.com
Ahsan Baseer President Facilities & Security 951-523-7957 president@coronamuslims.com
Ayaz Kaleemullah Member Fundraising,Funeral Services 951-523-7644 frc@coronamuslims.com
Hasan Usmani Member Youth youth@coronamuslims.com
Rafae Husain Member Programs 951-523-7872 programs@coronamuslims.com
Sultan Awan Member Social Services 951-523-7645 ss@coronamuslims.com
Zinath Khan Member Ladies Affairs, Interfaith 951-523-7688 interfaith@coronamuslims.com

Board of Education

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Name Position Phone Email
Athar Kamran Member 951-465-5495 BOE@coronamuslims.com
Iqbal Khamisani Member 951-465-5495 BOE@coronamuslims.com
Muhammad Sadiq Khan Member 951-465-5495 BOE@coronamuslims.com
Salman Shahab Member 951-465-5495 BOE@coronamuslims.com
Syed Mazher Ali Chairperson 951-465-5494 Chair-BOE@coronamuslims.com